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Hi – I’m Cat. Writer of fiction, and The Write Catalyst for aspiring authors!

I have loved working with Cat on my writing. She is so friendly, genuine and approachable and really showed empathy and sensitivity towards my writing subject. She is really passionate and knowledgeable about her subject and is really positive and cares about you succeeding. I would highly recommend her to everyone! 

Faye, non-fiction writer

I had a lovely one-to-one session with Cat who was patient enough to listen to all my writing troubles while a manic new puppy chewed a squeaky toy to death at my feet! She gave me some great pointers on dealing with the ever-present inner critic, and on how to approach the task of editing my novel.

Faye, Fiction Writer

I really wouldn’t have started writing my novel in earnest if it hadn’t been for Cat’s excellent coaching. She has given me the support and encouragement to enthusiastically sit down to write, has made me realise that my writing is good enough and has really helped me believe in my writing skills.

Just as importantly, she’s also given me the means to motivate myself to sit down to write when it feels tough, and to give myself a break when it’s needed. Cat’s expertise has been priceless, in terms of both crafting my writing and mastering my mindset, which to me are the essential tools of a successful writer.

Jo, fiction writer


The Write Catalyst is a writing coach who helps writers write that novel they dream of by supporting great writing habits, building confidence and providing expertise and guidance based on her decade of writing.
She is also available for bespoke workshop delivery and feature writing.

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