One sentence:195 words

Holly was anything but remarkable.

 She felt that she was, in fact, entirely unremarkable. But Tom stood before her and continued to express how he admired her for being such a strong person, for being able to cope, to move forward and carry on regardless. She wished he would shut up. And, just like that, he did. His mouth was still moving, but his lips simply created noiseless shapes, and he hadn’t even noticed.

Holly wondered if she had suddenly gone deaf. But, no, she could hear the birds chirping outside, and the faint hum of traffic from the road over the hedge. The only thing she could not hear was Tom – and it was blissful. But, his presence still irked her – especially given that without sound, his body became a useless lump in front of her. So, she wished he would go away. And, within a second of that thought passing through her mind, she recognised the subtle shape of his lips forming the word ‘goodbye’, and he was on his way out of the door. Holly was left alone, mouth agape and mind whirring.

Perhaps there was something remarkable about her after all.


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