How to confront a struggle

I want to be a writer. How novel. (no pun intended).

My problem is I never actually write anything.

So, in order to overcome this struggle I have made two new starts: I have created this blog, to try and spur me on, to have something to answer to, to record my various successes and failures – of which I expect there to be some of the first and many of the latter.

The second goal is very, very simple. I have tried numerous times previously to set a writing schedule up – consisting of writing so many words per day (50-500), or a page, or even just for 15mins. But, inevitably I always slip back into bad habits and end up NOT writing. In fact, I’m an excellent planner of writing. But, writing itself: not so much.

Hence the simplicity of this plan: write one sentence per day.

That is my goal. Just one sentence. If I want to continue further on, I can. But, there is no impetus to do so if I feel I can not. I have no idea how I will fare on this journey, but I am hoping that by recording it as I travel along it, there will be some form of commitment. So I guess from here on in, this is my journal of a desire to write…and how to actually turn intention into action.


4 responses to “How to confront a struggle

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  2. Thanks, both.
    I think writing does need to be made a habit, and not an occasional obsession – as it currently is with me. I’m very much a starter, rather than a finisher: I don’t think I have managed to complete anything as yet! But, hopefully with time (and encouragement), something will bubble to the surface that will really inspires me to push through to the end.

  3. I think every writer finds themselves in this position at one time or another. Sometimes its at the beginning of a large project or in the middle of one!

    I hope your one sentence goal turns into great things. Good luck and keep writing! 🙂

  4. Writing one sentence a day is a great idea. Once you get in the habit of writing every day, you’ll find yourself wanting to write more and more each time. Best of luck!

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