Is it too easy?

The problem with only having a one sentence rule is that what I end up with is just a fantastic selection of first lines of multiple ideas.

I’ve been sat on the train, and the bus, on my way home and I have conjured up dozens of possibilities for my one sentence today – in fact I have probably fulfilled May’s quota already. The issue with all these wonderful one-liners is that they are immediately discarded in favour of another, more alluring possibility. Which, I suspect is part of the draw for me – writing is about potential, what could happen, what might happen, what if…But, when (as the writer) I know the answer, I become seduced by new ideas and possibilities whereupon I have no clue as to what the story may be.

If I want to escape this cycle, it isn’t enough just to write a sentence a day. I have to make a commitmment to doing something with those sentences – to create something out of the vast array of possibility I could create.

So, motivation currently switched on, and determination at a high, I want to set myself another goal before I have even achieved the first one – set only yesterday. (Perhaps this is also one of my vices – getting ahead of myself and then never wanting to turn back?)

I want to be able to take one of my sentences per day – or how ever much was written from that intention – and, once a week, most likely on the weekend, I shall compose something more from it: create some form of story, whether in be in detail or simply just a story board to write up at a later time.

Now I’ve issued the challenge: can I stick to it?


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