One sentence: one novel?

I have written 250words as the prologue to my novel, and managed to outline all twenty chapters (I couldn’t believe it amounted to this much when I did it!), which covers another 925words.

I’m amazed – I sat down knowing that I wouldn’t be able to type much, but those words directly contributed to a development in my novel idea that encouraged me to set it all down and see how it looked. I now know that I need to consider a subplot for my antagonist, that my protogonist needs to have clear development through the chapters, and that although I thought I had decided on the point of view to tell the story, it might actually work in a different way than I had originally envisaged.

Is this what being a writer is all about? I feel enlightened. I have a plan.

Foolishly, I think I always assumed I would be able to just sit and write out my novel, page 1 to ‘the end’ (a ‘pantster’, or write-by-the-seat-of-your-pants writer) when actually, I’m a planner. I need my outline to keep my idea in check, to stop me getting distracted and wandering off on a complete tangent that has nothing to do with anything at all. While I don’t want to box myself in, I think I might have discovered a potential way to move myself forward, and that’s really exciting: even when I’m not feeling well.

Also, on the plus side: I think I’ve found some great blogs to read too.


2 responses to “One sentence: one novel?

  1. I want to one day tackle a novel. While I have tried before with the page 1 to end approach, I think what you are describing is more realistic. I’ll have to investigate the idea.


    • I used this blog post to get me started on the outlining method. Very useful, and some good posts in general on here to, with lots of links elsewhere. Good Luck with your efforts!

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