Sometimes, life gets in the way

I missed my slot yesterday. I was entirely neglectful and didn’t even remember that I had fogotten to write my one sentence until it was too late! So much for writing becoming a habit. How long do they say it takes for a habit to form?

*Google, here I come*

Interestingly, according to this blog a habit can take, on average, 66 days to become automatic, depending on the difficulty of the behaviour. Easier tasks might take only 18 days, while the highest threshold was 254 days!! On the plus side, the research did show that missing one day doesn’t reduce the habit forming process, which is lucky for me.

The best thing I can do is shrug my shoulders, admit that the writing completely escaped my mind yesterday (due to a multitude of factors: work, illness, stress etc) and not let it affect my ability to move forward and continue in my endeavour. Sometimes, life gets in the way and I need to accept that, as long as I still have a ‘regular’ job, friends, family and colleagues, housework and quality time with my partner, well, occasionally writing may slip down the list slightly. That doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

I know what my afternoon plans are going to include, and at the top of that list: writing.


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