One sentence: 219 words

The woman stood, hand firmly placed on the wall beside her and feet planted motionless on the pavement.
‘Wayne’ she yelled.’Wayne, come back, I can’t move. Don’t leave me. I can’t come.’
She looked around her, people passed her on the street, eyes faced down, striding along paying no attention to her terror.
‘Wayne. Wayne!’
She was paralysed. Wayne was gone. He had abandoned her heartlessly on the curb, knowing that her fear would consume her.
Her palms were sweating, her hand slipped from the wall. She gripped onto the stone with steely determination. If she didn’t keep her hold on the wall she would lose her place, she would be alone without an anchor, she would be lost. The pavement loomed before her, the cracks between paving waiting to capture her. She heard laughter and her eyes widened, pupils dilated: the dark gaps just a few inches away were mocking her. She was sure that if she moved she would be taken, pulled into the black abyss and kept there, forgotten to the world above. Her heart punched her ribs with every frantic beat, her breathing became erratic and shallow. Suddenly her hand lost its slippery grip on the wall and she was falling, falling into the cracks, the darkness consuming her until she was nothing at all.


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