One sentence: 152 words

The cupboard slammed shut and David cursed fiercely as his thumb caught in the hinge. Nothing was going well today and he was half tempted to abandon the meal and go straight to bed. Just as he was about to call to cancel the doorbell rang and he heard Aunt Helen’s voice waft through the letterbox. Resigned to his disasterous evening he trudged down the hall to let her in, hoping that she hadn’t brought her new obsessional beau.
Opening the door he was relieved to see Helen was alone, but horrified to spy a furry ear sticking out from an over sized handbag.
‘Oh, don’t mind Nibbles here’ she breezed, striding past David into the living room.’He’s perfectly friendly, and housetrained too.’
David propped himself, mute, against the doorframe as he observed his aunt remove a rabbit from her bag and gently placed it on his three hundred pound handwoven rug.


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