One sentence: 181 words

The grey road cut a solitary line through a flourishing green countryside. Shelley could hardly believe this was where David had grown up. She imagined him as a young boy, clambering over stone walls and climbing tall, ancient trees. As a new mother she immediately linked this to the terrifying possibility that a child could fall, trip or otherwise injure themselves and there might not be an adult within a mile or two. She voiced this concern to David, who smiled nostalgically and said,
‘Now that you mention it, Tommy Sheilds did once take a fairly decent tumble from an Oak tree, smash his head on a rock and lost conciousness for a while.’
Shelley gasped in horror, then glanced over her shoulder instinctively to check on Simon.
‘Nah, he was alright after a minute or so. Did give us quite a scare though. Thinking about it all we did was stand around and argue who’s fault it was. Not one of us bothered to go for help.’
Shelley shook her head in dismay. Thank god they lived in sweet suburbia.


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