One Sentence: 189 words

The room abruptly lost its bright sunny feel as dark clouds surrounded the house outside. Corners became ominous, the walls were dull and the air seemed heavier. Only a moment ago the room had been a happy place with reassuringly reflective surfaces that encouraged warmth and comfort. Now there was a distinct chill and the place seemed older and shabbier than it really was. There was a fish tank on the sideboard and where previously the plants had been colourful and the fish shiny with pleasure without the sun streaming through the window their environment appeared restrictive and dank, the fish themselves small and pathetic.

Recognising that the change in weather had altered the mood of the viewing the estate agent flicked on a light just as the first heavy raindrops started rhythmically pounding the window. The room lit up again, and the cosy, homely feel was restored. As they moved further into the house Felicity observed the agent switch the bulb on for the fish tank too, instantly creating a golden glow in the water. She smiled and imagined the possibility that she could be very happy here.


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