The past few days have been…challenging. I’m realising that all the good intentions in the world can sometimes be stifled by their own intent. My responsibilities have been the focus of the last two days and included my paid employment to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. I’ve had instances where I have thought about my ‘one sentence a day’ exercise, but never made it as far as recording such musings. I feel I have let myself down somewhat, but at the same time can accept that each day cannot be a perfect rendition of promises made and intentions fulfilled.

While I may want to prioritise my writing I don’t believe it should be at the exclusion of all else. I am learning that commit to my writing goals it will effect other things in my life and occasionally my focus will need to shift elsewhere for a short time. I suppose the one great thing about writing is that you can always come back to it later and pick up where you left off. The same cannot be said for deadlines and budgetry issues in the workplace, where I am paid to spend seven hours a day. Writing is not yet my career, perhaps if it were those deadlines and finance plans would be shifted quickly up the list when it came to writing narrative everyday.

We all have our limitations. Sometimes they can be understandable and you have to accept that today is not the day when you will be able to acheive everything you intended. Other times they can be used as an excuse, but I know that for the past two days I have not been trying to avoid my writing; I simply have not had the time, focus and clarity to commit to it. I am aware that many times it is said that if you really want to make time for something you will do so, and I can ascribe to such advice. Yet, after the past couple of days I am also realistic enough to admit that priorities can flux and your energy can be required in tasks you never even contemplated.

I’m not perfect. My aim is to write at least a sentence a day. Sometimes I will fail at this. Other times I will exceed my goal. Such is life. As long as my desire to acheive my aim remains strong I am confident that I will always come back to it regardless of my fluctuating limitations.


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