So, the best piece of advice I’ve read today is: don’t write on a computer with an internet connection.

And, why not? Because inevitably there are millions of distractions available on the world wide web that can, with a bit of imagination (with which writers are well endowed), appear to be ‘research’ or ‘inspiration’. As such, I have discovered a long, long list of writing advice from a whole host of writers, appreciatively compiled by the Guardian to distract us newbies from our efforts:

As you can observe, this is only one part, which allows us to be further pulled away from our intent to write by following the link to the second part:

It is within all of these tidbits that I discovered the piece of advice (at least twice) that I refer to at the start of this post. Therefore I can practically assert that some of their advice is more than valid. Had I not had access to the tempting information provided by Google et al. then I would probably have sat down and accomplished my initial intention: to write.




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