I’ve had a short burst of prolific writing recently and I’m beginning to slow down in pace now. I’ve been adding a good five hundred words a day to my novel draft, and it’s been inspirational to feel the achievement of creating something that previously only exisited in my mind. However, I’m feeling a little weak on the reading front: I haven’t read a book since I came back from my holiday at the end of June! It seems like I’ve been so caught up in my own ideas that I have negleted my natural curiosity about everyone else’s imaginative approach.

So today I’m planning a trip to my local library to find some fodder for the brain. It doesn’t have to be epic fiction or have a massively impactful storyline: something simple and readable is all I want. I just need a book to ease me gently back into the position of audience rather than creator for a little while – so that I can get some perspective. At the moment I feel like I’m living in a box of my own creation, and I think it’s important to step out of it from time to time so that I can comprehend the landscape as seen by other people. I’ve been trapped in a one person viewpoint and I want to introduce some new characters to cast light onto the page again: and to do this, I need to broaden my understanding of how this can be achieved.

So, to the library it is…!


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