Into the writing race…

Alright, so I’m out of the starting gate and in the race: I bought myself a new A5 notebook and an ink pen to scribble down my novel in its entirity, from start to finish. It’s going well so far. Two twenty minute train journies provided ample opportunity to write, as did getting to that appointment ten minutes early and sitting down this afternoon with my cup of tea and adding a couple of pages worth of narrative then too.

This is so much better than writing random scenes: why haven’t I tried this before?

Of course, enthusiasm is rife at the beginning of any new project. The writing is a novelty at the moment and all I’m really doing is fleshing out those parts that I’d already half-started in various scenes written over the past month. So of course I’m able to fill the pages with lovely cursive writing in dark black ink. There are scenes I just can’t wait to write that I know are just around the corner. Now I just have to figure out how to get there and I’m desperate to find out how it might turn out.

I do love the feeling of pen on paper, it excites me much more than tapping out letters on a keyboard. It makes me realise that my desire to write is closely associated with the action of writing itself – the pull of the pen on the page, arching it upward and in, scratching out straight and topsy-turvey lines, being intricately familiar with the swell of each letter. Just the thought of it makes me smile.

I’m digressing. I’m meant to be detailing how thrilling it feels to crouch down over my notepad to write my novel in the midst of public who have no idea what I’m up to. I’m not just reading a book, I’m creating it. And I’ve realised that it’s going to need my time. In the essence of prioritising my fiction writing I’m going to cut down on my blogging. My one sentence a day is often leading me into paragaphs and pages and sometimes I find myself distracted by my commitment to this blog. Also, there is only so much one can say about struggling to write: I might not be able to learn something new about it every single day – but I can try, and in the attempt to do this it means I must write to discover those lessons.

Therefore, I’ll be writing on here every other day. Hopefully, I’ll have lessons to share, struggles to reassure and excitement to inspire. I’m also still going to try and submit a one sentence exercise not related to my novel once a week: perhaps something related to it that I feel I need to practice more with before I can feel confident and comfortable with it. Then, eventually, when I’m done with my first draft this blog will be a record of all that I need to go back to and edit!


One response to “Into the writing race…

  1. Great to hear you’re off to a good start! I’m incredibly impressed that you can write during such short snippets of time. I generally need a longer block. Every other day seems reasonable for blog posting. I follow some blogs that only post every two weeks or so, and I generally only post once a week.

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