Mood check

Have you ever noticed that when you are writing a story sometimes your own moods and attitudes somehow drop into the narrative? I noticed the other day that one of my characters was complaining how she was cranky and tired, and previous to that she was disappointed with something minor. I realised that this wasn’t actually how my character was feeling, it was actually how I was feeling whilst I was writing.

Now, while I do accept that my own experiences will dictate how my characters behave and approach life to an extent I do think it’s important not let my emotional state run into the narrative, otherwise I’m going to end up with some very schizophrenic characters! It’s useful to have recognised it though. The novel isn’t my diary and it shouldn’t be a running tally of my daily moods and frustrations. So, from now on I’ll watch out for it and try and ensure that I do a ‘mood check’ during my writing sessions: is how I’m feeling the same way I’m writing? If it is, then perhaps I need a break, a bit of relaxation time to diffuse my own issues and put them to one side while I’m working on my story.


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