Off the wagon

I have fallen off the wagon. For the past three days, if you count today (which is not yet over, so I could redeem myself) I haven’t contibuted to my novel. I’ve thought about it here and there, even made a pretty big decision about the plot line, although I haven’t yet added to it. So much for one sentence a day!

I have excuses, of course I do. But these aren’t so important when you consider that what they represent are merely reasons for my lack of commitment. I haven’t lost my muse or suddenly discovered writer’s block. Partly I have just been too busy, and partly I have just been a bit lazy.

It happens. The most significant thing I can do now is to shake myself off and get back on the horse (the wagon was obviously going too fast for me to stay on!). Sometimes it isn’t easy, but then anything truly worth doing tends not to be very easy, so I feel somewhat reassured by that. Right now all that matters is that I find the courage to continue and put the past few days behind me.

Later, when I re-read that first draft of my complete novel I won’t know that I neglected it for a few days. What I would notice, however, is if I read it back and only found I’d written to the middle of the first part. THAT would be disappointing, and I don’t want to end on disappointment.


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