Losing your first draft

What if my house burnt down? I back up all my typed stories and ideas from my laptop on a hard drive. But my paper notepad where I am writing the first draft of my novel is literally my only copy. So, what if my house burnt down and it didn’t get rescued?

I had this terrifying thought last night while I was dozing off. It made me panic a little bit. But then I thought: writing the first draft is a process, not a product. The first draft is the place where I sort and develop ideas and make sense of them in my mind. The physical act of writing is the means by which I do this, the written word in this case is actually less important than the act itself.

So, if I did somehow lose my first draft: then I’d start over and write the second draft, knowing that the lessons learned weren’t in the lost notepad but rather in my head allowing me to move forward.


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