So, by the time you read this I will have written in excess of 10,000 words of my novel. A massive achievement for me: the writer who struggled to write. I’m not going to suggest that those written words are inspired with brilliance, or that the majority of them may even make it into the final draft. However, for a first attempt I’m currrently quite proud of my efforts thus far.

Out of curiousity I searched the internet for some idea of how long it might take to ‘write a novel’ and discovered many varied responses. It obviously depends on your rate of writing, when you began and when you eventually end (is the novel 75,000 or 125,000 words?). My rate is pretty slow at the moment: around 300 words a day on average. Yet, I am quite content with this – it certainly beats my ‘one sentence a day’ quota. More often than not I tend to write more than my average on my days off and at the weekend and fewer when I’m busy with work or social events.

Working on the law of averages it could take me up to a whole year to get my first draft completed – depending on length and providing I keep to my current rate. That seems like a long way off, especially given that finishing the first draft is only one step in creating a novel. I’m sure there will be second, third and even fourth drafts to contend with, although such revisions may not take as long as the initial writing (but again, this is an unknown variable at this stage!).

Thus, it seems important to mark out such milestones when we reach them and congratulate ourselves on having the determination, perserverence and patience to make it this far and still want to continue. If you examine the whole picture I’m one step closer than many to fulfilling a desire to write that novel simply because I’m actually writing it. I’m also 10,000 words closer to finishing my novel than when I started and at the very least I can now consider myself a writer who writes!

[ I’ve also discovered I’ve written an additional 20,000 words in the writing exercises I have been posting since the start of this blog. Yay me!]


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