Loss for words

*sigh*: I’m struggling. I can’t seem to find any motivation at the moment, with any form of writing – not just the narrative kind. I think it’s fair to say I have discovered the dreaded writer’s block. It isn’t that I don’t know what to write, as the plot of my novel is set out before me and I simply need to put pen to paper and write the words, I simply cannot identify the push required to actually do it. It isn’t that I haven’t tried: I have picked up pen and tapped on my keyboard with good intentions at some point nearly everyday: the words will not come.

The words will not come. I need to tease them out and coax them onto the page. The issue is that, at first, the right words cannot be tempted, those that are make little sense and form no cohesive narrative, nor relate to the story I am attempting to write. It’s disheartening. I have fallen into the trough that was created by the rise of my previous peak. I know I will clamber my way back up to victory again, but in the meantime I am at a loss for words.


One response to “Loss for words

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