The Lure of Tomorrow

Tomorrow is such a dangerous day, simply because – as the old saying goes – it never comes. I’ve spent too long relying on the possibilities of tomorrow and not seeing the significance of today. My writing routine has been all but abliterated in the last week or so, and while there are reasons that contribute to this outside of myself, the main perpertrator is my belief in the concept of tomorrow.

I won’t start up writing again tomorrow, or write more tomorrow, or find more time for writing tomorrow. ‘Tomorrow’ does not mean anything. Tomorrow just signfies the lack of determination to get things done today, to face up to it and make positive progress. Tomorrow is the lazy man’s excuse as to why he should be allowed to remain in limbo today. I can’t rely on promising myself tomorrow when it comes to writing. It has to be about TODAY.

Do not allow idleness to deceive you; for while you give him today, he steals tomorrow from you

 ~ A. F. Forester






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