50K words in 30days or 30hrs?

I’m actually doing it. Probably not very well, but I’m doing it. I am participating in NaNoWriMo and I’m on track for the current word count – as of this morning I was at 7,285 words! Earlier this year it took me three months to write 10k, and now I’m on track to potentially hit that target after one week. I find that amazing.

I didn’t know I would respond to NaNo like this. It is still early days, but right now I am truly enjoying having that goal set for me and striving to reach it. The daily goal of 1,667, weekly targets of over 11k and the big one, the end result where you declare ‘I wrote 50,000 words in 30 days!’ It makes me smile.

I’m am, most definitely, a planner. If I don’t sit down with some bullet point outline of what I need to write, I just stare blankly and begin to panic. But having this safety cushion is allowing me to punch out around 500 words every 15minutes. That’s something else too: I only write in 15minute blocks. No more that that. Four of these a day typically gets me above the daily word target, and slightly ahead of the game (except that one day when I only did a single session and had a total count of 502 words). This means, usually, I spend only one hour of my day writing.

An hour per day isn’t a long time. It’s a reasonable adjustment to make when aiming for a goal, and I personally think that it’s a very small amount of time to sacrifice for what you could potentially gain by the end of the month. Realistically if I complete the challenge I could then claim to have written 50k words in only thirty hours…how inspiring is that?

Figures like that make me want to continue, they spur me on and make me believe I can do this. My only concern now is what will happen after NaNo, when I don’t have the collective goal and competition of thousands of others urging me on. I guess I’ve got 25 days of writing  to figure that out…just watch me go!


3 responses to “50K words in 30days or 30hrs?

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    • Thanks for the encouragement! I didn’t think I’d be so prolific with the word count in such small spaces of time either, but I guess I’ve just found what works for me! 8o) Take care, x

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