Words Equal Added Belief

I panicked myself today. Yesterday I did NO writing what-so-ever. It was a busy day, I hadn’t been well and by the time we finally got home it was late and I was exhausted. For the first time during November I didn’t write one word.

It felt so strange. Writing everyday has actually made me FEEL like a writer. Working on my novel idea and crafting it into reality is really rewarding, and yesterday I failed to add to it: as such when I woke up this morning I immediately wanted to write. I felt the desire to write, not necessarily because I felt I should or that I had anything significant to write, but simply because I had missed one day of a habit that has become a part of me. I now think about it on a daily basis and enjoy adding to my word total, moving the story forward and seeing where the characters take me. That, to me, is being a writer.

So, despite the fact that when I woke up this morning I was 2,500 words behind in NaNoWriMo, this evening I am now 750 ahead. This entire process has made me believe in myself, the exercise has given me faith that I CAN write everyday, that I CAN create a story, that I CAN build characters from scratch.

I’m fairly confident now that I can reach the 50,000 word target before the end of the month, all things being well: and this is a significant difference from November 1st when I simply thought I would give it a go and see how far I could get. But, more importantly, I believe in myself as a writer, and that is an added bonus when counted with the 32, 500 words I have of the novel that only previously existed in my head.


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