So, I have neglected the blog – and my writing – over Christmas and the New Year. Until yesterday I hadn’t glanced at my novel since mid-December! I meant to start 2012 with all the good intentions of writing everyday, and getting back into that routine that I had established in November, although perhaps not on such a prolific scale. But, for various reasons, that didn’t really pay off. Yesterday I managed to re-read the last ten pages – to remind me where I’d got to in the story – and today I’ve written 650 words, so at least I’m back on track somewhat.

Again, I’m finding motivation the biggest hurdle, or at least the lack thereof. It isn’t that I don’t want to write, or that I’m not invested in the story – quite the opposite, as I’m really excited about some of the twistsI’m weaving into it, and really happy to realise that I have a decent sub-plot going – it is the physical action of putting my bum in the chair and opening the file to type that is the issue. Once I get going, I’m fine – even though I can only work on the laptop in 15min bursts.

Of course, if this writing lark were easy, everyone would be doing it: or so they say! So what I suppose I need to focus on is the actual action of encouraging my bum to sit and my fingers to type rather than the rather passive agressive approach of complaining about not doing it!

One thing I am realising after a break from the novel, however, is that I really think it might be a good one. Perhaps not in the current first draft form – but it has potential, or so I, the author, believe. There’s a good story, a sub-plot, interesting characters and unexpected complications to the protagonist’s journey that, although surprising, are sufficiently prepared for that a reader might identify them if they are paying attention. Once I get this story finished, and finally know what really happens in the end (I have my ideas, but you know how sometimes it can change according to the whim of the characters) I think I might really relish the opportunity to polish it up, edit it and refine all the elements. That’s got to be something worth looking forward to, right?


5 responses to “Slip-shod

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  3. The point is – you’re back at it! Yay for you! One trick I’m going to work on again this year is to open my file at the beginning of the day. That way when I have that burst of “NOW it’s time to write,” I don’t have to wait and lose energy and let fear creep in while I go through the motions of opening the file. Good luck!!

  4. Yes, it is something to look forward to. I do the same thing as you sometimes (most of the time lately). I’m super excited to get on with editing my WIP novel, but I keep putting it off until the day is almost over. Once I start, I’m on a roll. I think I just unnecessarily intimidate myself with the size of the project.

    Keep going at finishing your NaNoWriMo novel and that’s a success in itself.

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