Read my tag line…

I completed my goal for the week: 1,200 words. I only wrote once during the week though, and despite having it on my ‘to-do’ list everyday writing just keeps getting left behind. But, then again, I set myself a goal and surpassed it. I should proud of that effort and accomplishment. I purposefully set a managable target precisely because I knew I wouldn’t have chance to dedicate myself to hours of writing. So why is it that I feel so unfulfilled?

Maybe it’s because I don’t feel that I’m giving my writing the time and energy it deserves. I’ve become lacksidasical and unmotivated. I’d like to be able to push through it, but I don’t seem to have the right attitude necessary to stay on task and remain focused on the end goal. Because I’m not making the time for it, I often feel rushed or pressured into writing: and that doesn’t assist creativity.

I’m not quite sure where to go from here. Whether or not to put it to one side for a short time again – risking the possibility I may never come back to it – or to force myself into it and simply be stronger, more focused, more dedicated. Looking at those two options on the page I know which I’d rather be known for doing. After all: is it better to try and fail, or to never have tried at all?

Back to the writing page it is then…


One response to “Read my tag line…

  1. Hmmmm. I’ve been here, Cat. Are you feeling like what is coming out of your pen (fingertips, keyboard, whatever) is drivel? I’ve had these experiences and force myself to work anyway and end up making matters worse. I lose some of that passion for writing. Way back in the day, I asked the author Piers Anthony what he did when he got writer’s block. He kind of looked at me funny (as if it were unheard of) and said, “I just work on something else.” That’s what I’ve done and it helps.

    Congrats on your 1,200 words a week! Mine is five pages. Not sure how many words that equals. Even though I hit the goal, sometimes I feel unfulfilled. This last week, I felt that way because I feel daunted by the amount of research i have to put into my story (and probably because I wrote twice as many pages the week before). It can be a little demoralizing, true.

    Just hang in there and do what you love! You can do it!

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