The new writing Challenge…

I feel like I am failing. I have not written anything at all this week – other than this blog post. There are some extenuating cicumstances, but by definition these just serve to make me feel slightly less guilty about my lack of motivation and action. So, drastic measures will be taken. I need to get away from the weight of the novel yet I also need to have some fun with my writing and rediscover my passion for it. What better way to do this than jump on the bandwagon of another internet challenge?

So, I am now all signed up for ‘A Story a Day in May‘. The aim of this, slightly insane, idea is to complete a story of indeterminate length for each of the thirty-one days in May. It’s not as popular as NaNoWriMo, but there are a lot of similarities: hence my inclination to join. November 2011 was a huge challenge for me, and one which I succeeded in accomplishing, much to my own amazement. This is what I need to propel me back into the excitment of writing: a community of individuals all attempting the same thing in a joint struggle to write.

The challenge to write a different story each day will hopefully steer me away from the narrative of my novel, encouage me to branch out and invent new characters and stories and enable me to explore my own creativity. Why I can not do this in isolation, without the impetuous dedication to an external cause, is a question I am putting aside for now, in the hopes that I will be inspired enough to seek an asnwer at a later date – when I have some exciting new concepts to explore.

The rules aren’t as strict as in NaNoWriMo, and the organiser suggests that each individual can define what is meant by ‘every day’ based on their own schedule and responsibilities. While I pout with the foolishness of allowing participants to lessen the challenge if they see fit, or simply can’t be bothered to really commit, I also respect it. I would like to try and write thirty-one stories in May – that is my ultimate goal – but I do acknowledge that in the past month or two I haven’t been prioritising writing as I should, for health reasons amongst others. So, in order to try and remain on an even keel, I will say this: thirty-one stories in May, I am committed to this. However, I’m allowing myself some breathing space by giving myself a two-day lag if required. If I don’t manage to write a story on one day, then I need to write two the following day to make up my total – if, for whatever reason, I don’t manage this and miss the second day too: then I MUST write three stories until I’m back to the expected amount. This way, I can not go more than two days without dedicating myself to this writing challenge.

On top of all this, I’m planning to post a number of my stories here.  So, expect to see an increase in productivity over the month of May: I’ll still submit a weekly musing on the process, but I plan to post my efforts under the ‘writing exercise’ category each day, if I can. At the very least, it’s going to be interesting to see if I can fashion something resembling a ‘story’ (beginning, middle and end) for a month, not to mention if these ramblings will actually classify according to the rest of the world!

Wish me Luck!


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