Writing Accountability

The one wonderful thing (of many) about taking part in the Story a Day challenge is the certainty that comes with sitting down to write a story each and ever day. It’s been less than a week, but I already feel more of a writer than I did in April. I’m enjoying the experience, the creativity and the sense of accomplishment that comes with writing everyday.

The interesting thing (again, one of many) is how easy I am finding it to make some time each day to sit down and write. Having a specific target in mind – to write a short story – allows some focus without being too restricting. Therefore I look forward to it; my mind wanders between ideas throughout the day and I prioritise that part of the day when I mean to write.I suppose it is proving to me that dedicating myself to my dream of writing is not as difficult as I might have imagined. I find excuses and barriers to distract me and procrastinate about the act of writing when, actually, it would make more sense to physically write than admonish myself about not writing!

I expect it is currently so easy simply because of the nature of the challenge: each day I write and complete a story, so that by the next I can begin afresh. This is not akin to writing a novel where characters and themes must stay connected and relevant, grounding me to my writing at every attempt. I have always been quite good at writing individual pieces – perhaps not stories as such –  but isolated sections of text that have little link to one another, or anything else. Thus, Story a Day is encouraging me to work on this aspect of my craft and to see the relevance and merit of each piece, improving my ability to create a completed whole rather than a random collection of words.

In addition, being accountable to an online community also keeps me on target, rather than being accountable to only myself. But, I’m learning to appreciate the significance my writing has on my mood and self-worth, so perhaps by June I might be able to continue my writing journey without such support having realised I am capable of encouraging my own motivation to write. However, right now, I’m just enjoying the challenge, let’s hope I can continue as successfully as I have in the past five days.


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