Setbacks in Story-a-Day

Unfortunately it appears I am going to have to take advantage of my contingency of having a two day lag period in the Story a Day challenge. My health is hindering my ability to write (and other things in general): I’m able to jot down some ideas for stories but my brain isn’t staying switched on long enough to actually write them out, nor are my hands capable of translating the words from mind to screen/paper.

It’s disappointing, and I could try and push through but I know that will only make things worse – I’ll struggle to create something decent, my confidence will be challenged and then my enthusiasm will falter and I’ll question my ability to finish because what I’m producing will be of poor quality. Even now I’m finding it difficult to complete sentences. I put the two day lag in place to allow me the recourse to do exactly this without too much guilt or pressure and so I shouldn’t be ashamed of having to use it.

So, I’ll be back. Once I’ve had some rest and am able to recouporate I will have had time to think up many more story ideas and be in a good position to catch up. My goal was to write thirty-one stories in May and that is something I can still accomplish.


7 responses to “Setbacks in Story-a-Day

    • I’m not sure, I have been enjoying the challenge. However, I do think that the added pressure can make or break your writing on any given day. That’s why I instigated my ‘lag’ rule – I didn’t want to forced into having to write if there was some reason that would make it difficult. Fortunately, I’m feeling much better now and even though I wasn’t planning to write today (fri) I somehow found myself doing it anyway: because to not write would be weird! So, I guess the Story a Day challenge has started the effect of building good writing habits, even if I don’t manage a story every day.

  1. That’s interesting. I’ve also been trying to write a post a day. My goals of writing are not as ambitious as yours. I can’t imagine writing a story a day, good luck to you on that, but your goal to be a writer who writes is a goal that I can appreciate. Nothing makes me more angry than hearing about a writer who doesn’t write. They want all of the prestige(?) involved in being called a writer without writing anything. “I just can’t think of anything to write!” they say as an almighty artiste who simply can’t find the inspiration. “Shut up and write!” I mentally scream at them, if you want all the glamour(?) associated with being a writer.

    • I was one of those writers not so long ago…I wanted to write, but never got around to it! Then I realised that you can’t realistically claim to be something you aren’t doing…We all face writer’s block from time to time, but I think true writers are able to write through that – not because of skill but just out of sheer need to write, something, anything because they HAVE to write.
      I don’t think I’m ambitious: maybe a bit mad at time, but all I’m trying to do is find out what works for me – and at the moment accountability is what drives my writing: I need a reason to write outside of myself for a while. Good luck with your post a day and thanks for reading.

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