Don’t count me out yet.

I have been struggling over the past week to commit to writing due to blocks in my creativity. I sit down fully intending to write, but then nothing comes to mind and I stare blankly at the screen in front of me. Once or twice I have begun, in the hopes that action would breed inspiration, but nought times by nought is still nothing; so I am left with very little. It’s frustrating and it makes me question my resolve, as though if I can’t produce some cohesive bundle of meaniful prose each day then this demonstrates that I can not be so committed to it.

I suppose the important thing to focus on is that I’m trying: I am attempting to write a story a day, and that is no mean feat. No writer feels inspired everyday, and there are probably many successful writers who have more difficult days than productive ones and yet still they dedicate themselves to the craft. So it will be with me. We all need a break sometimes: we have the working week and the supposedly restful weekend (where we try and cram in as many recreational pusuits as housework will allow!), and I guess it must be the same with writing. Writers need time to let ideas reuminate, to cultivate and mould the sparks of possibility into something worthwhile and capturable.

I have eighteen short stories from this month so far. That far outweighs my contribution to writing from any other month this year. Eighteen ideas that I could revisit and reimagine to create amazingly creative narratives that I can truly be proud of. Eighteen examples that I can practice my editing skills on. Eighteen new additions to my growing portfolio of compositions. And it’s possible that by the end of the month I’ll even have a few more. Who knows, I might even still make it to thirty one stories…the month isn’t over yet.


5 responses to “Don’t count me out yet.

  1. Stay positive. And celebrate what you have done. 18 stories in the month (so far) is no mean feat. Even the StoryADay organisers recognise that you just can’t write every day.

    And, as you’ve said, think of all those wonderful ideas you’ve now got for future development!

  2. please believe me that a story a day is not realistic. you’re setting a goal too high, and you’re going to feel bummed out, discouraged, and then you’ll stop. it helps nobody if you stop.

    • I’m not sure Rich. I like to aim high. I have a sign on my wall that says: “Dream your dreams one size too big so that you can grow into them”. If people didn’t think big and try to acheive what appears to be ‘impossible’ then so many amazing things would be lost to us.
      You are right, however, in saying that if I don’t reach my goal I might ene up feeling ‘bummed out and discouraged’ which might cause me to think of myself as a failure and stop. But hopefully that isn’t what’s happening. I do feel that even though I might not have accomplished that which I set out to do, I have learned something much more valuable about myself and what I’m capable of. As my tagline emphasises, I don’t ever want to give up trying, so I think I’ll always shoot for the stars and one day I might just end up flying. 8o)
      On the plus side, I have people like you looking out for me: thank you for your concern and for your avid interest in my words. Take Care.

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