Tactile narrative

I’ve had to return to the older format of writing: pen and paper – a very tactile and rewarding experience. I am prevented from spending long on the computer when I’m not well, which is the current situation. I’ve managed to write two stories today, just short snippets of ideas I have had that I’ve been able to jot down so they don’t get lost. I think it’s important to ensure that possible stories are recorded in some way and of the two attempts today I think perhaps one of them has more potential.

I might not accomplish thirty one stories this month, but I have to say that I am glad I have tried. It’s really challenged my creativity and given me a clear writing goal at the start of everyday. It’s also provided me with a selection of differing narratives that I can return to and redevelop into something more, if I choose to: at the very least it gives me something to practice my editing skills.

Despite feeling unwell I’ve still had the urge to write and I’ve found my mind wandering over various ideas and possibilities for stories throughout the day: I view this as a good sign. My writing ‘muscles’ have been exercised and they feel in good shape. While my body might be struggling, I do feel my imagination has remained active and my writing has benefitted from this. All in all, I’d recommend the story a day challenge, with the right attitude and approach I think it could help identify where natural writing interests and skills might lie in anyone.


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