Discovery of a writer

I think it’s safe to say that I will not succeed at my goal for writing thirty-one stories in May of 2012. I choose my words very carefully, however, as although the original aim was not accomplished I do not consider it as a failure. I have learnt many things during May, including that of finding the time to prioritise and enjoy my writing time. It has allowed my imagination to open up and attempt writing things I never even considered before, surprising me in the process. I realise now that I can just begin to write and often my inner muse will take over and somehow bring the words around to make sense to me, to inspire and motivate and create something I did not envisage when I set out.

I do have twenty-two stories, or beginnings of stories, that I can now work on and flesh out – allowing me the luxury of learning a new skill I don’t think I’ve ever really used before: editing. Typically I write something and then, that’s it. There has never been any reason to go back to it and play around with it; once the idea was translated into words I thought my job was done. Far from it. Now I am looking forward to the experience that comes with critiquing my own work and taking that step back to allow me perspective and really shape those ideas into something readable and special. Identifying themes and defining character in finite terms will help me to understand the craft of writing better, and will allow me to, hopefully, really understand my own writing techniques, style and preferred methods.

The challenge this month has also illuminated a concrete realisation that the novel I was writing had stalled because I have overcomplicated the story. I took on the Story a Day challenge to get away from the troublesome concerns I was experiencing in relation to the last of my challenges: the novel I began during NaNoWriMo. Yet, here I am at the end of the month I planned to spend away from it, thinking about how to move forward with the story and understanding that my reticence, originally interpreted as writer’s block in March and April, was actually my inner writer screaming that this was not the story I set out to write! While I still have no clue as to where the story will take me, I now know that I have time to explore and develop a much simpler path that I will feel more comfortable writing which will fit better with the theme of the novel: and who knows where that might lead?

June should be an interesting month with lots of further lessons to learn about who I am as a writer and how I can improve my own writing as a result of past experience. Most importantly I have discovered that I do believe in myself as a writer – as cleched as it seems, writing regularly really does make you a writer. So, here’s to discovery…without which I would still be stumbling alone in the dark rather than enjoying the sunshine with my muse.


8 responses to “Discovery of a writer

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    • Thanks: I would recommend the challenge to any writer, however experienced. It’s given me lots to work on and helped me build up a writing routine. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for reading, and providing welcome encouragement. Take Care.

  3. Twenty two short stories (or parts thereof) is a huge achievement in a month. And, as you say, how great that it’s got your ‘writing muscles’ going.

    • Editing muscles will be next to be exercised as I attempt to re-write and edit all those ideas from May into some potentially fantastic short stories with possible submission capability. 8oS New ground for me, so support is much appreciated. Cheers, 8o)

  4. I am full of admiration at your attempt to write a short story everyday for a month – I have read all the stories you have published and enjoyed them all. Thank you for sharing them and good luck with the novel.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and for reading: I’m really pleased that you enjoyed my attempts at short story writing this month, that’s what it’s all about! Many thanks

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