A walk in progress

It occured to me today that my writing has vastly increased since I became the owner of a dog. It might seem a little odd, but I’ve heard many a writer talk about their writing routine that involves, somewhere, a walk – either to begin the creative process or to mull over the results of their writing day.

I can now officially admit that I am definitely one of these writers. Walking provides me with time to consider ideas, to work out the practical issues of timelines, tenses and viewpoints, and also exposes me to a myriad of new ideas that I would otehrwise never have considered.

Today, for example, coming back from my afternoon walk with the dog, I spied a man walking along with a branch on his shoulder. It had been neatly trimmed, so that only the main branch and various straight limbs shortened by his tools were remaining. It was a curious sight, and I immediately wondered what it was he had planned for it. This led to a story idea which I have spent almost two hours forming and at 3,500 words it is longer than I anticipated. It’s certainly only a first draft – much of the back story I’ve written for my own purposes – but I like the idea and looking forward to shaping it into something readable.

So my advice for any aspiring writer: go out for a walk and look at the world around you. Try and create stories for that which you see, and you realise that the world is awash with potential ideas. Then, go home and write one down.


2 responses to “A walk in progress

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  2. Yeah. This type of thing definitely helps. I don’t have much time for walks, but I drive quite a bit. I carry a recorder with me. When an idea pops into my head, I record it and then write it down when I get home.

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