Reassuring Procrastination

I’m procrastinating again. Instead of writing, which I intended to do when I sat down with my laptop, I searched for writing blogs and have now spent an hour of my time realising how common this problem of procrastination really is. I mean, I’ve discovered some really great blogs – a couple of which I’ve bookmarked with the intention of continuing to follow. However, this action has not added to any word count, nor has it encouraged the beginning of a new story, edited an already written narrative or even planned or sparked off a new idea. It may not have been a waste – but it certainly wasn’t productive to my writing goals.

Or was it?

I now know that I am not alone. I feel a comaraderie with other struggling writers. I understand that procrastination happens to many writers and that it is not the be all and end all of our struggle to write. I feel relieved to know that it isn’t just me that sometimes gets distracted, even with the best of intentions. Today is just one day, and it is not yet over. I still have the chance to write. I still have time to dedicate to my novel, or edit that short story, or even write a whole new narrative if I so wish.

Right now I’ve spent too long reading blogs on my laptop screen: as such, an extended break is required. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to come back and try my damndest to contribute to my dream of writing today. Reading the challenges other people have faced, and fought hard to succeed in the midst of them, has spurred me on. My heart is aflame with the fire of passion: I can do this. And perhaps, without the occasional foray into procrastination I would never have discovered this self belief today. If there are so many of us out there who share the same dream, then it’s important that we also share in our struggles and hardships, as we do through our blogs.

So today, for me, reading blogs may not have equalled procrastination but was rather a sign that I needed reassurance – reassurance I have found through mutual desire and dedication in others and their struggle to write. Today, I needed that.


4 responses to “Reassuring Procrastination

  1. suggestion – visual aid. make a chart with boxes. do you outline? let’s pretend you do, and your outline calls for 25 chapters. make a chart with five rows across and 27 columns. across the top, starting in the second column, put the numbers 1 through 25. in the first column, starting with the second box down, write “1st draft” then “revise” then “edit” then “final.” now, as you finish each first draft chapter, check off the boxes. you should have one extra column at the end after the 25. in each box at the end of the rows for 1st draft, etc, put some kind of reward, something that you’re working towards. let’s say you want a new piece of jewelry of some kind. put that in a box at the end. when you finish that row, go reward yourself.

    the purpose of this is so that you can really “see” your progress. it because more real because you’re seeing boxes fill up in front of you.

    • Thanks Rich, very useful suggestion. I might create something very much like this for the wall next to my desk – as I now seem to be working on a few different things, especially with revising short stories from the May Story a Day challenge. I sometimes forget about the joy of a reward system because typically if I complete something I’m so happy that in itself can be reward enough – but something more visual might serve as a useful reminder of that feeling.
      Take Care

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