Versatile Blogger: second time around

Well, how flattered am I? Once again someone has nominated my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! Many thanks to Nicola for the Nomination.

The issue now remains as to who to nominate in return – as I am still trying desperately to focus on my writing rather than reading blogs during those periods of procrastination. However, I have discovered a few since last time so I’ll give those a mention:

On Diversion – a very creative individual who is attempting to finish TWO novels in very different genres. Very admirable, and very interesting to read about their approach.

Spilled Ink – A lovely record of various writing challenges and techniques the blogger in undertaking during her writing journey: including NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo.

Ask Allison A bit of a cheat, as my reading of this blog has mostly been of the very useful and interesting archives: however I find it fun, refreshing and it seems to renew my desire to be creative and smart, so it has to have a mention.

Dan Bracewell’s Blog – Another author cataloguing his journey and approach to writing. It’s great to see him progressing well, which only serves to encourage my own endeavours.

brainsnorts inc. – amusing and creative, I love his flashes of inspiration for the New York caption competitions and his contributions to Friday Fictioneers (a concept by Madison Woods)

That’s really my top five. And,in honour of these, here is a list of things you might wish to know about me:

  • Like Nicola, I am also a big fan of Stagate SG-1
  • I am most definitely not considered a completer-finisher by Belbin or any other model (hence all the unfished writing I have lying around!)
  • I’m still trying to convince myself that only working part-time and writing in my free time is actually ‘allowed’
  • It’s my job to name the fish in our household, and I usually name them after ancient gods or mythical characters (Neptune and Loki are two of many)
  • I am a list maker – if it isn’t on my list, it isn’t going to get done
  • I am, most often, to be found lounging on the sofa with my muppet fur blanket (no, not real muppet fur: it just looks like it should be from Animal)
  • It’s taken me half an hour to think up seven random facts to share about myself, making me think that perhaps I live far too cautiously or have the most uninteresting life possible!

So how ’bout that? Award grateful received and passed along, for the second time. I think if I ever get nominated again my first, and possibly only, fact about myself will be that I dreaded the nomination because I’ve got no one else to recommend and I’ve run out of things to say about myself! lol! Terrible, huh?


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