Technological Difficulties with Superstition

So…there is that old superstition about Friday 13th and bad things happening in threes. Even though I’m not particularly superstitious apparently it still applies. This week the following things have happened:

  • My car failed it’s MOT so drastically that the only option is to scrap it (and try and find funds to buy a new one)
  • My poor dog is suffering from an eye infection and has fleas (embarrassingly spotted by the vet)
  • Yesterday, to top it all off, my laptop – after installing some new Windows updates – decided it no longer wanted to boot up

Result = lots of stress, financial panic and a total fear that I hadn’t backed up my work often enough.

Fortunately, I save everything twice – once to my hard-drive and once to Dropbox – and it was only a couple of weeks ago that I made a transfer of work to my external hard-drive. I also happen to have a very handy fiance who was able to use MS DOS speak to get any files that I may not have double copies of: MS DOS is the only language my laptop will now accept – which meant writing could have been put on hold indefinitely. I had a small breakdown yesterday evening when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to adequately record Penelope’s story because I wouldn’t be able to use my laptop. I can’t write with pen and paper quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts, nor can I stand using them for too long because of the joint pain I suffer with: so typing is currently the best method for me.

For the moment I’ve managed to swipe my fiance’s laptop – and external keyboard because I can not type at all on the flat keys on the laptop he has – which at least means I can write in short bursts when he isn’t ‘messing’ (or so he calls it). It’s odd to have to get used to someone else’s laptop: even typing on a different keyboard is slowing me down – it just doesn’t feel right! Still, it’s better than not writing at all and the single thought of not being able to write everyday is terrifying .

Hopefully such stressful events will not distract me from my writing schedule and I can try and work my way through the crises using my various writing projects as an escape from these everyday hassles. If anything this sod’s law ‘rule of three’ has made me realise just how important writing is to me and how ingrained it is in my daily schedule now, even if it has spiraled into something of an obsession about ‘needing’ to write rather than a healthy hobby of occasion. At the very least I’ve developed a new habit, which is what I wanted writing to be when I started this blog. With any luck, the newly formed habit will help me finish all the various projects, and start me on some exciting new ones too.

The one other thing I’ve learnt? Don’t fill your car with petrol the day before it’s due to have the MOT unless you are absolutely positive it will pass the test.



2 responses to “Technological Difficulties with Superstition

    • Thanks doll: I’ll be updating later this week (still from my fiance’s laptop!). On a positive note, I’m on track with my writing goals still – and feeling good about my novel and stories. So some silver-lining identified from an otherwise cloudy week! Thanks for reading. Cat

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