Hiding out in the writing world

Life has certainly taken the priority this week. I am still managing to stick to my writing schedule, but it has only been through conscious effort and hard work in the face of many distractions that I have been able to maintain it. I have found writing to be a welcome escape from the stresses of everyday life – my characters seem to have a somewhat easier life than me at the present, so it’s been quite nice to slip into their world for a while; although I’m not sure my characters would agree with  my assertion (especially given that Penelope has just caught Madeline attempting to seduce her husband!).

It seems strange that I can immerse myself in several different worlds during my week and get lost within them for a few hours. While I might be struggling with finding and buying a second hand-car, illness, a flea-infestation on my  poor (flea-allergic) dog and ensuring I schedule time on my partner’s computer so that it doesn’t clash with his desire to play games – my characters are facing very different issues, and it’s slightly odd that I find their problems easier to handle than my own.

So far this week I’ve been involved in attempts to begin a torrid affair (see above) for my current WIP; anguished over a fight for a child between two sisters (short-story); and determined the history of eight characters for the upcoming challenge of NaNoWriMo, which had me devising laws and religion and lands very foreign to our own.

All in all it’s been a really good way to wind down after difficulties in other areas of my own life. Certainly, it has allowed me to feel I have some control in some elements – even if it is simply over characters and worlds of my own making (although we all know sometimes it doesn’t work out that way). I’ve always had a tendency to turn to the written word when life is challenging me, but typically this used to consist of me putting all my frustrations down on paper in my trusty journal. This week, however, I’ve discovered that other forms of writing can be just as cathartic – especially when you can use life’s own impossible moments to translate into the emotions of the characters created.


2 responses to “Hiding out in the writing world

  1. I look forward to those moments as well, Cat. Sometimes I can’t get enough of it. Wow, you have to share computer time with a gamer? Good luck with that. Better get your own ‘pewter!

    • heh heh. Fortunately he isn’t an avid gamer and usually when I’m writing (mornings on my days off) he is either at work or playing on the X-box with his kids! But, yes, definitely need to find a way of funding my own computer again: will have to hope my short stories produce some funds to help me with it!
      Thanks for reading…Take Care, Cat

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