Holiday Reading

So, by the time you read this I should be on my holiday in a caravan in Whitby (East Yorkshire) sharing a small space with three boys (one of whom is a grown man…but aren’t they always boys at heart when at the seaside?) and a dog. Hopefully, it won’t rain everyday. But, even if it does, I’ll be well placed to write without the distraction of the internet to aid procrastination.

Although, it has to be said that my goal for this holiday is not going to be primarily writing-focused. It’s reading that I want to concentrate on: specifically books aimed at Young Adults as research for my NaNoWriMo novel attempt. I figure that I’ll have plenty of time to chill out and read – which is something I have been neglecting during my monthly aims. Perhaps I might consider adding  the act of reading one book, at least, every month alongside my current goals – which I am accomplishing quite comfortably. After all, the experience of being an avid reader is something I am trying to recreate for those who might read my own material.

I’ll report back on how my reading adventures go. I’m planning to try and make notes about the structure of the books I read as I go to see if this might help me when putting together scenes for my own work. Writing for teenagers/young adults is not something I have ever considered before, so I’m going to need some reference points to help me in November. I think the only way I can gauge how to write such a story successfully is to read some of them myself.


Any suggestions for books I should read in this genre to prepare me for my NaNoWriMo challenge? Leave a comment if you can advise some good reads. [I’ve already read the Hunger Games trilogy and have the Pellinor books to take on my holiday] 


3 responses to “Holiday Reading

  1. Husband, boys and a dog, hhhmm. You are on holiday so you could try reading laterally. How about giving Karen Pryor’s “Don’t Shoot The Dog” some of your valuable time? Yes, its a book about training dogs but oh so much more than that, including training kids and husbands! It contains powerful ideas that can question your own behaviour on how to gain positive outcomes with the minimum of fuss – and even a calmer outlook on life.

    • I like the idea – I could do with some tips on training the dog at the very least (and if it helps me in other areas of life, all the better.)
      Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll try and give it a go!
      Take Care, Cat

  2. Cool. Great time to chillax. I’m trying to read more than I am used to to. I’ve been reading “20,000 leagues under the sea” for over two months now. Gawd, I sometimes really hate reading the so called ‘classics.’ Alas, I don’t read YA, so have no suggestions. I am very interested in hearing what you come up with. Have a good ‘oliday!

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