The Write of Passage; Submission

Yesterday I did not accomplish my writing activity. I was scheduled to edit a short story, but the weariness of a busy day overwhelmed me and I had to admit to myself that rest was more important than writing. What I did do, however, was identify a list of potential submission possibilities that I am going to try and send my writing in for. Over the past few months I feel I have finally reached the point where I could refer to myself as a ‘writer’; but I would like others to acknowledge this also. Therefore, it seems, the best way to achieve this is to get my writing, and my name, in print.

It was always heading this way: who writes with no slight dream of publication? It must flicker through my mind at least once every few days, even sometimes culminating in a brief day-dream of acclaim and pride that I have to shake myself out of. If this is something I want, then I have to at least attempt it. After all, my motto is to try – even if, in this instance, failure might meet me on many occasion: it is always better to have tried rather to admit I never even bothered.

So, this is my new challenge. To submit for publication. It will be short stories in the first instance – where open calls for fiction are ongoing and the few competitions where closing dates approach. It’s exciting, but I am more than a little apprehensive about the possibility for rejection. I know it shall not be of me personally, nor shall it be aimed at my ability as a writer. If my stories are not accepted it will simply be likely that another story was better; written more concisely or more appropriately for the audience of that particular magazine or anthology. It happens. I have not read one article by published authors where the act of being rejected does not crop up at one time or another. It appears to be a rite of passage for writers – this landscape of applying oneself only to be denied, again and again.

Well, I feel ready for it. My confidence is, at this moment, strong and I feel my writing needs the reading of objective eyes. I have time between now and November to submit many things – some already written that I can polish to send out, others that will have to be written for specific purposes: a task I have not attempted before. It is all in the manner of learning, and I’m looking forward to reviewing the results. There is nothing that I can’t accept as progress at this stage – if every submission is rejected: at least I will be one step closer to attempting that dream of publication – even if all I am learning is what not to do.


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