Beaten, not broken

Today I am rediscovering what it is that I love most about writing.

You can do it anywhere and anyhow. You don’t really need any tools to take part in it , other than perhaps  an active imagination, and while it can be important to have some form of recording your wonderings, sometimes it’s just as significant to rely on your memory to recall the good bits and let you tell the story anew another day.

The reason I am waxing lyrical about the virtues of the mind’s capability of storytelling is because today I am being beaten by technology. I am stuck on a net-book for which I do not have administrator rights and it only has Word 2003 on it: meaning I can’t access any of my Word 2007 files – or put more bluntly: I can’t access any of my writing!

I’ve tried most of the things I know…which isn’t a lot. but, I don’t appear able to do much at all so I might have to adapt my writing task for today into something more manageable: like pen and paper ideas for story submissions.

I would usually take this as a sign: ‘the powers that be’ are challenging me, attempting to prevent me from my writing need in order to make me surrender because this is not meant to be. However, I’m much more stubborn and confident that I realised, and now I just view these technological issues as an inconvenience that I must work around. If I can’t access my current novel – I guess I’ll have to work on ideas for the new one, or write some short stories down on paper or research some aspect that I need in order to write about my subjects comfortably.

But because of this, I have been reminded of what it was I loved about writing when I was younger and technology was not something we relied upon to protect our words or our stories. I have always had an affinity with pen and paper, the tactile warmth of creating words with ink on a blank page never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Just thinking about it now makes the corners of my mouth twitch with pleasure.

So, I’ll go back to my true love – to pen and paper and to letting my imagination run wild and create whatever it sees fit without restraint. Technology may be the stumbling block that has beaten my pre-set task for today, but my writing spirit will never be broken by such insignificant afflictions.



2 responses to “Beaten, not broken

  1. Cool that you keep going on despite the technology fail. I’d be up s–t creek without my laptop. My writing hand gave out a long time ago on me. You can always install Open Office. Its free. Its what I use and it will open 2007 docs. I haven’y used Microsoft Office in years.

    • Thanks, will try and remember that next time around! My writing hand is temperamental at best, but I still prefer the feel of writing with pen and paper; it’s the essence of writing for me. Technology is a necessity, given that it appears to be the medium of the market these days: and I suppose editing, re-writing and proofreading are all easier this way!
      Hope your writing is going well. Thanks for reading, and commenting.
      Take Care, Cat

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