One Sentence Saturday

I discovered a trend called ‘six sentence Sunday’ through one of my fellow bloggers (shout out to goes to Vikki!) and it reminded me of my one sentence challenge from way back when. The premise was that when sitting down to write it tends to be that first sentence that puts writers off – the struggle to put those first few words on the page can often lead to procrastination, doubt and downright avoidance. So, I challenged myself to write only one sentence every day. On rare occasions that is all I managed, but it was okay because that is all I had expected of myself. However, more often than not I would continue past that first sentence and create a scene, a short story, a character or an idea of something that I wanted to continue to write. It was my way of beginning the habits of being a writer.

Now I am writing consistently I have put the one sentence challenges behind me to focus on more long-term projects – like the novel, NaNoWriMo and short story submissions – but I’m finding that I miss them. Having gone back through this blog and re-read a few of my initial one sentence narratives, I realise that I was practising my craft, learning how to ‘show and not tell’ and finding my voice as a writer. I want to continue this learning if I can.

So I have decided to bring back my ‘One Sentence’ challenge – each Saturday I shall sit down with a blank page and start with just one sentence…and see where it goes. It will be my Saturday morning routine, to be posted here once I’m done: in all its first draft glory, starting September 1st.

I wonder what this Saturday will have me write about?


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