One Sentence Saturday: 130 words

The illuminations had been extended sometime in the 21st Century and they now stretched around the borders of the entire country. Reports suggested you could see them from space, but Gershwin was sceptical: they were, after all, just cheap imitation street lights that happened to be shaped into mystical figures and amusing shapes. They would automatically send out their soft glow as the day gave way to night and were brightest at the darkest hour, then they would fade away again. It was a gentle beacon to remind their political neighbours of their power and to delineate the rich within from the poorer without.

It wasn’t until Gershwin became a security manager that he discovered the real reason for these illuminations and the shocking duplicity that his superiors were involved in.


I went to see the Blackpool illuminations last night: hence the inspiration behind this little opening. It’s my dark side appearing again: there is a certain enjoyment I get from toying with the ordinary and finding a little macabre within. Perhaps this beginning might warrant further exploration. 


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