One Sentence Saturday: 150 words

There was  sharp knock at the door. Daisy rolled over and opened an eye. Gareth was expecting a delivery, she knew it was important but she couldn’t remember what it was. Would he forgive her if she didn’t answer the door? The knock came again, louder this time, along with a clear ring of the bell that she hadn’t known worked. She sat up and shrugged on some clothes, tripping over the mess on the floor that consisted of bottles, shirts and slippers. She did wish Gareth would pick up after himself, but she was grateful to slip her bare feet into the comfort of the fleece slippers, even if they were two sizes too big.
By the time she got to the door the only thing remaining on the doorstep was a tiny little square of cardboard, detailing where she could pick up her parcel when she got home.


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