One Sentence Saturday: 248 words

“I think he’s been sleeping on the sofa again, but I can’t catch him at it, so can’t scold him for it.” Brenda said
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I get up  in a morning, go into the living room, and there he is, sat on the sofa with huge cushions scattered around him with the TV remote in his hand. He says he just got up early, but three mornings in a row now it’s been like this.” Brenda sighed, placing her head in her hands. “I can’t say anything unless I know, otherwise he’ll take offense.”
“I don’t think you need to catch him in the act, Bren. Just talk to him, ask him why he’s up so early and if there is anything you can do.”
Brenda looked Carole in the face, reading her concerned expression and knowing that this was the same one she wore when talking about Sid. She was worried and she did need to do something about it, before she got ill with worry also. Yet, she knew if she brought up the issue with her son he would accuse her of confrontation and interfering. He had only come home because the illness had been the root of his job loss and inability to pay the rent, so it seemed logical to have him move back in, temporarily. Arthur would have been against it, not believing in all those mental illnesses that he suggested were just the product of life. But her husband had been dead for three years now, and Brenda had been lonely in the house since then.
“I’ll try,” she replied to Carole, to soothe her friend’s worry. But she knew she would not.


4 responses to “One Sentence Saturday: 248 words

    • I haven’t decided yet. Maybe once I’m done with the novel/s this year I might tackle a couple as short stories. Mainly I try and use the exercise to keep my creativity going. But I don’t think I’ve given the one sentence prompt much time in the past couple of weeks. X

      • Funnily enough I tend to use the Saturday morning itself as a prompt – so for instance, this week we suspected the dog had been sleeping on the sofa again and last week we had a parcel delivered that woke us up! I’ve also used single lines from books that just happen to be around the place to inspire the exercise, and I recently read an interesting article suggesting picking 5/6 random words from the dictionary to try and link together in a narrative. Once, I think I even used a line from someone else’s blog to start me off!
        Just be creative (I know you are!). If you do try them, I’d love to read your results on your blog – including where you eventually found your prompt!

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