NaNo Novel Synopsis

I always find writing an overall novel synopsis challenging – most especially when I haven’t written the main text yet. But I have just updated my NaNoWriMo profile with my new novel information and I am rearing to go: *squirm* isn’t it November yet?!

Since I decided on my idea for November’s National Novel Writing Month I’ve worked out a full list of scene synopsis, built up my characters and determined what twists go where. That is more planning than I have ever done for any one piece of writing in my life. As the initial idea came to me in June (or thereabouts) I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. Yet, in the desperation to finish last year’s offering I am neglecting it a little in the run up to November.

The great thing about having put my November 2012 idea on the back burner is that when I come back to it – in the elation of finally completing First Novel draft #1 – it will appear fresh and exciting. Over the summer I was concerned that I’d been so obsessed with my Weather Wars (working title for Novel #2) idea that I would be fed up of it by the time November came around.

Not so. Instead, writing the synopsis for NaNoWriMo (as bad as it is for a synopsis) is reinvigorating my passion for the idea, the characters and the world that I’ve had to create for them. It will be so amazing to jump into November writing something completely different to the novel I’ve been struggling to finish for a year now that I’m convinced I’ll speed though the word count on the first week (over-confident much?).

So, anyway, here it is – the synopsis for the Young Adult novel that I will be working on throughout November this year. Hopefully it will see me through the 50,ooo word target, although my main aim is to actually complete a rough first draft by the time November 30th rolls on.

Weather Wars

Tishtar can make it rain. Her twin Kyra has the power to make the sun shine everyday. But, they can’t control these powers and not even the temple they grew up in is willing to teach them. On hearing that there is another set of weather controlling twins in the world, Tishtar sets out to find them – leaving behind her sister who is convinced she is the saviour of their village and should be worshipped for her contributions. 

Yet, as Tishtar sets out on her journey to find her kindred peoples, the leader of the powerful army that keeps the citizens in check discovers how to steal their powers: and the next one he wants is Tishtar’s. Unable to find her, he threatens the life of Kyra forcing Tishtar to lead the remaining weather twins into battle against him, even when they discover he has one of their own onside.

Thoughts, anyone?


9 responses to “NaNo Novel Synopsis

  1. I don’t like writing synopses either. The same goes with coming up with an elevator pitch. I was told that if you don’t have one or can’t come up with one, then you don’t understand your story and therefore, its probably not very good. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it at least motivates me to come up with one. It just never seems good enough.

    Interesting premise. So, a fantasy eh? Was your last story a fantasy also?

    • I don’t think I properly understand my stories until they’re written, so coming up with a synopsis before writing a word was very difficult.
      This will be my first foray into fantasy novel writing. I’ve done a couple of short stories in this genre before, but as it’s not typically the stuff I read I was surprised by my own idea! It just wouldn’t leave me alone, so figured I’d write it and see how I go!
      Any tips?

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