One Sentence Saturday: 75 words

Janice struggled to wake up that morning. She tried her best to clamber out of sleep; slip-shodding her way through the cusp of her dreams and toward the bright light of morning, but it pulled her back, consistenly tugging at her consciousness. She resisted, one part of her brain screaming at her to ‘WAKE UP’, but the drowsy comforts of the soft layers of sleep seduced her and she fell back under its spell.


2 responses to “One Sentence Saturday: 75 words

  1. Well done. You’ve captured a very real moment. This sounds like me when I know I need to get out of bed, but don’t want to. I can certainly relate. Happened this morning actually. 🙂

    • Happened to me too…hence the original starting sentence!
      Glad that you liked it – I did consider the possibility that perhaps she would never wake up and it would become a description of death. But that seemed too morbid an interpretation for first thing this morning, so I stopped writing before I got to it!
      Have you started any one-sentence exercises yet?

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