NaNo Novel Excerpts to be Posted!

Okay – I am seriously neglecting blogging in favour of NaNo writing; but is that such a bad thing?

I need to document my journey if I am learn anything from it, so I am going to have to dedicate some time to recording how things are going above and beyond the magical number of words I manage to write each day.

Tomorrow would usually see me posting up my One Sentence Saturday exercise. However, in the light of it being the month of November whereupon novel-writing is the order of everyday, I’ve made a decision.

I’m going to post up a section of whatever I write first thing on Saturday morning during my initial NaNo session that day.

This way, not only do I keep up with my exercise on the blog but you dedicated followers can also get a taste of what I’m writing for my novel this month. You can also take added delight in the wonder of my skill as I completely ignore my inner editor – because I will be publishing the words as they were written, with no editing at all. If I start with the editing, I won’t be able to stop and may be tempted to re-read all my NaNoWriMo words, and that could end up being a long time spent on correcting all the mistakes so far.

It will be interesting to see how this builds up through the weeks (and I might post the final paragraph on the 1st December too) and if you can identify the progress in the plot. My plan is to tell the story from a number of different points of view (which I will try to remember to document at the outset of the post for clarification).

To give you a head-start (and some context), here’s a quick introduction on the characters I’m hoping to narrate the story:

  • Tishtar – she’s my main character. A 15 year old girl who has a twin sister named Kyra, they live in the temple where their guardian is a priest. Tishtar has the ability to make it rain, whilst her sister can make the sun shine. Although Kyra is delighted at being idolised by the community for ensuring successful crops, Tishtar is less thrilled given that – although rain is vital to the crops – people aren’t crazy about her skill to create downpours. As a consequence she runs away, hoping to find the secret to discovering how to control her power when she learns there are more twins that possess similar powers throughout the Lands.
  • Dohdann – he’s the Guardian priest of Tishtar and Kyra. Although he has their best interests at heart, he has been bound by a promise not to teach them control of their powers but instead to manipulate them in ensuring the crops are successful. He knows that their ability is linked to their emotions, but not how to tap into this to fully control them.
  • Akamu – he’s one of the other twin sets that possess a power. He has the ability to make anything within the earth grow and prosper and his sister, Tadewi, has control of the winds. Being older (35ish) and brought up in a different era where twins were taught control of their skills they know how their powers work. But for this, they have now been imprisoned by the Leader of the Seton Guard that protect the Lands in order to do his bidding and defend the Land from the destructive rogues. Tadewi discovers that there are other twins who are in danger of being confined as they are and instructs Akamu to escape in order to find them.
  • Than – he’s the Leader of the Seton Guard and the so-called ‘baddie’ of the book. Married to a twin (Nuraya, who can also control the Sun) he is well aware of the benefits of their powers. Upon discovering he can capture the ability of a twin by killing them in specific ways, he sets out to gather them for himself.
  • Masika – Nuraya’s sister, who controls the rain like Tishtar. She is one of the eldest twins in the novel, being in her fifties, and escaped Than’s control by running away to hide in the Western Isles. She is tracked down by Akamu and enlisted to help find the fourth twin-set – Vata & Adamine – who are only eighteen but living in fear of the Seton Guard killing their parents unless they do as they are told.

I’m concerned that I may have too many viewpoints, but also that I’ve chosen the wrong cast to narrate from. The only way to find this out is to write the book…and I may well change my mind half-way through, so I’ll try and keep you in the loop! Hopefully, it sounds intriguing and fast-paced (it is meant for young adults, so I want to keep up the forward momentum, hence the character switching) and in having some chapters narrated by the ‘baddie’ I’m aiming to demonstrate how obsession can lead to murder and the reasons he justifies what he is doing.

Let me know what you think in comments, and look forward to the first *randomised* instalment, coming tomorrow!


3 responses to “NaNo Novel Excerpts to be Posted!

  1. Yeah. Painful isn’t it? All the self doubt and second guessing. Especially when you know when you are going to put in all this effort and you don’t want to waste time. I feel ya. Go for it, Cat! You’ll get it down. I have faith.

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