NaNo Tease: Week 4

The writing isn’t flowing today…am struggling to add those vital words. But,  if I sit here long enough they will come, even if it is slow.


Abruptly Tishtar realised that it hadn’t been raining for some time and proudly determined that must be because she was in control of her emotions. She was beginning to understand that they were connected to fear and worry, and for the last couple of hours she hadn’t felt any such emotions at all. Not since she had partnered up with Hamrow, in fact.

The two of them leant back on the tree together and did not speak for a short while. Tishtar passed out some chocolate that she had stashed in a spare pocket of her bag and when it had melted on her tongue and her mouth and nose were filled with the deliciousness of it, she suggested they move on.

“I guess if you want to meet the twins, we go this way,” Hamrow pointed East and Tishtar nodded her head in agreement. Hamrow took off with a wink and flung himself beteen the trees. Tishtar followed, being careful to place her hands and feet deliberately so that she wouldn’t fall. Every few minutes Hamrow would wait for her to catch up.

On one occasion he stopped suddenly, just as they had set off again together after Tishtar had gotten herself tangled in some sinewy twigs that had grabbed at her hair and shoulders.

“What is it?” she whispered, sensing that Hamrow was listening to his attached radio.

“Shhh,” he ordered, batting her away with his hand. He tilted his head and put his left palm up to this ear. “They’re close. But, there’s something…I can’t quite make out.”

Hamrow shuffled across a branch or two, leaning his neck out over a gap, his face screwed up in concentration. Abruptly his mouth opened and he nearly toppled from his spot, his eyes wide with surprise and fear. He hurried back to Tishtar and she prepared herself for bad news.

“We need to get higher, they’re coming this way.” He pointed upwards and then forged a path for them through the thicket of leaves until they could no longer see the ground. Tishtar followed, her heart rate increasing. She concentrated on keeping calm, even though she was concerned with Hamrow’s caution.

They reached the pinnacle of the tree. Looking down all Tishtar could see were leaves and twigs, but she was so high up that it was easier to see the sky. She furrowed her brow, clouds were beginning to gather overhead and she knew that she was bringing them. If it rained the Seton Guards would know she was here, they would be able to track her



2 responses to “NaNo Tease: Week 4

  1. These words took a while to write – so not exactly ‘flowing’. Sometimes I can sit down and get into it straight away, other times I end up writing in short 5-15m bursts – those are my excruciating sessions and it can take a whole morning, or even a whole day or two, before I get back to a position where I feel words are actually ‘flowing’.
    It’s that old trick of putting bum in seat and fingers to keyboard…the answer to all writing blocks is to write, no matter how bad you feel it’s going. So that’s what I’ve been doing (with added treats and rewards for every tiresome set of words I manage on such difficult days! lol!)

  2. Very cool, Cat. I thought the words weren’t flowing? Curious– how long does it take for you to “prime the pump” when you sit down to write? Takes me about 15 minutes. Sometimes those 15 minutes can be excruciating.

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