Know Thyself, Writer

I spent most of my Sunday rewriting the ending to my current NaNoWriMo novel. Not only did I have to admit that it was far too long and drawn out, in the writing of it I had also realised that my characters all had their individual stories and that these story lines were conflicted. So, I killed off a couple of characters that I had intended to keep, created a suitable result for one that I had planned to kill and condensed the action into a number of final scenes all told from various viewpoints.

It’s still quite long. I have another thirty-one chapters to write. But, I am endeavouring to make each chapter short and snappy – a summary of the contents – in order to get to the end and see if it all really works or not. If it does I can go back and rewrite accordingly with only the necessary facts and information scattered throughout the manuscript with a much clearer idea of where the story is going and where each of my main characters will end up.

Having done this, I am much more confident about being able to complete the novel by the end of December. I always maintained that I was a planner, and over the past couple of weeks my plan had gotten away from me. I had started to wander aimlessly through the story, not quite knowing where I was planning to take it.

Now I know. As a result I had a quick 20m writing session just after completing the new plan and managed to type out 1,400 words! That’s one full chapter done. Only another thirty to go! Hopefully, now I know the story, I can get it down with speed and enthusiasm before the year is out. It seems that it pays to know your writing techniques and what motivates you and, thankfully, over the past 12months that is what I’ve learnt about myself as a writer.


2 responses to “Know Thyself, Writer

  1. 30 more chapters in December…. We’re not worthy!!

    Killing off characters seems to keep the blood and creative juices flowing and the reader on their toes (take Game of Thrones as an example – heads are severed right, left and centre), especially if the plot appears to be taking the character somewhere important. It throws the story into turmoil and as a writer, resolving it can be rewarding and fun.

    Keep going chicken, we all want to read your story.xx

  2. “It seems that it pays to know your writing techniques and what motivates you . . .”

    I think this is key. Once I figured out my writing process, I am much more likely to write and write well.

    Keep going Cat! We are rooting for you!

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