The Progress of Chartography

Another week has passed by, along with it were two days during which I wrote not a word. This makes me pout a little at my bar chart – not only has it flattened out my Total Novel Progress, but also there is a huge section missing out of my Daily Word Count. *pout*


Writing Count 15th Dec


On a more positive note, despite this mini-holiday I managed to write over 6,500 words this week, as oppose to the first week in December where I managed less than 4,500. This is down to having a couple of really good days – most especially on the 13th where I managed over 2,000 words (in part, due to my pouting at the waste of the two previous days). I’ll admit that this doesn’t really compare to my higher production rate of NaNoWriMo that included a few 4,000+ word days, but I’ll take what I can get in the busy month of December.


4 responses to “The Progress of Chartography

  1. Sometimes you need a little break. I had one for my birthday. 🙂 Keep writing, you’re doing fab. How much more do you think you have to finish it?

    • Thanks, I think you’re right – as I do feel a bit more inspired by my writing today. Think I could get a fair bit done over the weekend.

      Going by what I planned out, and assuming I’m only creating a draft outline (with telling, rather than showing) I think I might have another 20,000 words or so to get me to the end. Hopefully, that’s achievable by the end of the year.

      Thanks for the encouragement – as it always helps. How goes your endeavours?

      • Not so bad, sometimes I wonder if I am going to reach the end too. My characters seem to take on a life of their own and go in totally unexpected, yet seemingly planned directions. I guess we’ll see. I was aiming for 80k, but it might be a little more. 🙂 It is exciting getting there… then of course the real fun begins. Re-writing, organising and editing. Have you ever tried scrivner… just downloaded it to see what it is like…?

      • 80k – you seem on track to reach it. Well done. Not sure I can agree with the excitement of re-writing, organising and editing: I have no idea where to start with such things!

        Not tried Scrivener, but heard that quite a few writers like it. Let me know what you think – I’m not great with technology so new things scare me!

        Good luck keeping the characters in check – I have to go and try and convince mine to behave now: think they might win out!

        Take Care

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