Christmas Shopping and Writing don’t really mix…

“It was  the week before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was writing, though the dog caught a grouse…”

Not my best rhyme (Moore’s is better), but very true. My dog did indeed catch a grouse (fortunately it was still alive and it escaped more stunned than anything) and I’ve not managed to do much writing. Due to festive activities – read: drinks, parties, shopping – this week has not been very successful for the novel. I’ve only added 5,000 words in total.

On the plus side; I’ve written 5,000 words! And here’s the graph to prove it:

Writing Count 21 Dec

This coming week not only has Christmas within in, but also my birthday. Oh yes, I will be turning 30 on the 27th December. And, do you know what I always wanted to have done by the time I reached thirty?

Write a novel!

So, big fat tick for me on that one – I’ve almost managed two. However, I think the completion of the first draft for my second attempt shall be severely interrupted by the impending joyfulness of Christmas and Birthday celebrations. But, I can only try: and if I’m anything, I’m most certainly a trier.


2 responses to “Christmas Shopping and Writing don’t really mix…

  1. Yeah, its difficult to write during the holidays. I did most of mine up until yesterday–quite a bit actually and I reached my goal. Now, the kiddies are home, and things are going to drop off. It makes me sad, but maybe I ought to enjoy the break a little.

    And hey, 5,000 words is nothing to sneeze at! Pat yourself on the back.

    BTW, I liked your rhyme.

    • Aw, thanks.
      You’re right – it is a busy time so 5,000 words is an achievement I can be proud of.
      I don’t think the novel is going to be complete before 2013 though – all of a sudden I seem to have plans almost everyday until then!
      Hope that you enjoy the family time. Good luck trying to fit any writing in! x

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