Good Frame of Writing Mind

The New Year has begun in earnest and I feel on track once more with my writing goals. Despite six days of not writing over Christmas and my birthday I managed a few additional words at the end of the year with some coercion: I had to actively remind myself to write and focus my motivation in order to start typing. Still, it got me to almost 70,000 words by the end of the year. Approximately 20,000 words for the busy month of December, which I am quite happy with.

Word Count Graph Dec '12

December 2012 – Word Count Progress

Busy times and bad luck prevented me from beginning the 2013 year with anything but good intentions (the cooker tripped the mains electric and we are still without power in the kitchen and living room, excepting four sockets, with no electrical sockets working elsewhere in the flat and the bathroom lights not working either! Odd.). Still, once we had devised a system of extensions to at least get us back to some form of normalcy, I found my muse and she has helped me build up a good couple of days of writing so far.

Word Count Graph Jan '13

January 2013 – First Week Word Count Progress

However, it was back to work on Friday so I vowed to concentrate on that rather than writing, with a view to returning to the novel at the weekend. Lots of things seem to have fallen into place of the last couple of days – having worked out that at least one of the love interests whom I had in mind for Tishtar would actually work much better as an older brother, with such a twist being revealed in the final chapters. [Tishtar has never known her real parents, and will now discover family in her glory against the tyrant Than – after losing her twin sister in the process. This is a type of happy ending for her, as what the character initially went in search at the start of was some of her kin or to discover her roots.]

I don’t think my strengths as a writer lie in action scenes, which are the remaining ones to write. But, I’m beginning to have fun with the story again and am excited about bringing together all of the intricate details to finish it with a flourish. The end is in sight and I’m looking forward to discovering how all my characters feel after being bashed about and struggling so much in the chapters before. Alas, some will not make it – and I have already killed off one main character and plan to send another away before the final word is written.

All in all, I’m starting the year in a good frame of mind about writing – and long may it continue. I think editing will be the hardest road yet to follow, and I may lose my way more often than if I were simply writing my journey as it came to me, as I have been doing so far. Still, it’s a new challenge and one I shall anticipate with eager caution. In the meantime, I have a new graph to populate with ever increasing bars….


6 responses to “Good Frame of Writing Mind

  1. Very cool. I need to start putting up my “bars” as well. I still have my pie charts I do every month. Your using an outline now, aren’t you? Do you right from start to finish or do you bounce around? Do you write complete narrative or do you leave holes?

    • You’ll have to share your latest pie chart with us soon.

      I always find it easier to write from start to finish – possibly because even with a plan I tend to shift some of the details about so in order for it to make sense I prefer to tackle it chronologically.

      As for writing narrative – I did start writing outlines for a while in the story, because I was getting impatient with it, but now I’m back in the throng of it I’ve naturally gone back to writing narrative again. I think that ‘middles’ are the biggest challenge for me, as I know where I want to start and where I’m going to end up, but sometimes the middle of the story seems to lag a bit. No doubt these will be the where major rewrites happen and where I have to fill in the details and the bigger themes later on.

      At the moment I’m looking forward to the challenge of editing, but as I have no clue how to go about it, no doubt it will prove more difficult than fun in the first instance at least!

      Take Care, Cat x

      • Ah. Middles. Personally, I often have trouble with the part between the middle and end for some reason. Weird. Hey, have you read the “Writer’s Journey”? That book really changed my world on how to structure a story. Tremendous help all the way around. Christopher Vogler wrote it.

        For editing–my goal when I finish the first draft is to get it into someone else’s hand so I can get some feedback. I allow myself three passes on the first draft and then I send it to a reader, otherwise, I will spend forever on it.

        I’ll get my charts up soon. Maybe at the end of the month.

  2. I am glad this year has started well for you. 🙂 I agree editing is the hardest part, but now I’ve started I am thankful for some very good beta readers and a thoughtful friend. We will get this one knocked out the park this year 🙂 I am very hopeful. Onwards…

    • Hopeful is definitely the word…

      Any editing tips you can share would be gratefully received. Have never edited anything longer than a 3,000 word story so tackling a 100,000 word novel is going to be a huge challenge!

      Take Care – Thanks for commenting – Cat x

      • If you wiz me an email, I’ll pass you the word file I’m compiling. 🙂 And if you’re interested in a chapter swap I can do that too….

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